Bachelor of Fine Arts
Affiliate Member Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Jaspal is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a strong background in visual arts. In 1993, he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Photography and Design. In pursuit of his passion for storytelling, Jaspal chose to immigrate to Canada in 1997. To further enhance his skills, he enrolled in the Academy of Design in Toronto, where he excelled in the study of Fundamentals of Design, earning an award of excellence for his outstanding performance.

Throughout his career, Jaspal has worked as a versatile freelancer, collaborating on diverse projects including documentaries, TV commercials, and short films. This invaluable experience has allowed him to sharpen his storytelling abilities and expand his knowledge of the craft.

As a Canadian filmmaker and accomplished director of photography, Jaspal operates his own production company, Creative Salt Films & Productions Limited. Under his leadership, the company has successfully produced a variety of compelling documentaries, captivating music videos, and impactful short films. Notably, in 2022, Jaspal lensed projects such as “Remi,” “The Badge,” “Lullaby,” as well as several music videos. Currently, he is actively engaged in multiple projects as both a Director of Photography and a producer.

Furthermore, Jaspal’s passion for his craft is evident in his involvement with two feature film projects, which are currently in the development stage. Through his dedication and artistic vision, Jaspal consistently strives to bring captivating stories to life on the silver screen.